Das Boots     Trailer Narrator     David Capurso Films

'79 Parts      Buck     Hit and Run Productions (In Production 2011)

Far Rockaway      David     Hit and Run Productions (rel. March 2011) blog

Firecracker Flower      Narrator     Frank H. Green Pictures

Winged Rats      Businessman     TresTrece Films/Faith Films

King Returns     Martin Singer     King Returns Pictures scene

Food for the Sun     Allen     X-Treme Works Pictures scene

I Know What You're Thinking     The Man     Ruby Pictures

Emily’s Song    Businessman     Permanent Eye Pictures

Gospel According to Most People     Mitch     Ken Anderson Films

The Test (El Giganté)     The Giant     David Capurso Films

Stress     Narrator/Voice-Over     David Capurso Films


M-16 (music video)     El Doctor     Spanish MTV

Kicker Country from the Ed Sullivan (pilot)     Host/Producer     Nashville Network

Music, You're My Mother (pilot)  Host      Craciun III Productions

Newsline     Co-Writer      CNN

The Evening News with Mary Alice Williams     Writer     CNN

CBS Morning Show with Bob Saget      Guest     CBS Television Network


Preemptive Strike      Narrator     Alan Armstrong, writer (Staged Reading)

Kissing Loafers      Narrator     Mika Gill, director (Staged Reading)

The Immigrant     Narrator     Kostas Angeledes, producer (Staged Reading)

Esther      King Ahasuerus     Calvary Baptist Church, New York

Lady in the Dark     Chorus/Dancer     Cheyenne Little Theatre Players

A Thousand Clowns     Murray     Cheyenne Little Theater Players

Century of Sweet Shy-Ann      Sgt. Rocky Springs     Cheyenne Little Theatre

Showboat     Chorus/Dancer     Cheyenne Little Theater

Lady in the Dark     Chorus/Dancer     Cheyenne Little Theater


1010 WINS      News Anchor     New York

The George Jay Show      Y-107 Radio     Air Personality     New York

The Curtis & Kuby Show     WABC Radio     Anchor/Reporter     New York

WOR Radio     Street Reporter     New York

Dr. Joy Brown Show     WOR Radio     Street Reporter     New York

Soupy Sales Show     WNBC Radio News Talent     New York

UPI Network News Correspondent     Reporter/Correspondent       New York

The Tim Byrd Show WPIX Radio    Co-Host/Host     New York

Week in Review     WPIX Radio   Host     New York

Oldies Music Shows     WCBS Radio    On-Air News Talent     New York

News Radio 88/WCBS Radio     News Anchor     New York

The George Jay Show     Viacom  Syndicated Air Talent     New York

Dr. Demento Show     KMET News Personality     Los Angeles

New Anchor      KPOL/KZLA           Los Angeles

The Pat & Dick Show     WLAC     Morning News Personality     Nashville

Gary Bryan Show     KMET     Morning Show Co-Host     Chicago

Gary Gears Show     WICV     Morning News Personality     Chicago


The Cross      Soloist/Rhythm Guitar     First Baptist Church Celebration Orchestra

Eyes of Faith     Narrator/Baritone     First Baptist Church of New York

Carols by Candelight     Narrator     First Baptist Church of New York

The Greatest Story Ever Told     Narrator     White Plains Memorial Methodist Church

Requiem - Rutter     Chorus/Baritone     First Baptist Church of New York

Requiem - Vivaldi     Chorus/Baritone     First Baptist Church of New York

Messiah - Handel     Chorus/Baritone     Hunter College Orchestra/Chorus

Magnificat - Fenzi     Chorus/Baritone     Carmignole Orchestra

Von himmel hoch - Bach     Chorus/Baritone     Carmignole Orchestra


University of Wyoming — Drama, Pol. Sci., Sociology

American Academy of Dramatic Arts — Singing, Dance

Weist Barron Acting for Television — Voice-Over Technique

E. Tolerton School of Dance — Jazz, Modern, Ballroom

Three of Us Studio — Acting for Television


Singing, dance, languages (accents), rodeo (bull riding), scuba, flying (pilot), sky

diving, motorcycles.

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