Twenty-five years major market experience

Radio, television, film


Non-Linear Audio Editing

First Class (General) Radiotelephone Operator License



CNN New York Co-wrote evening news broadcasts for Mary Alice Williams, morning newscasts for Ellen Fleischer. Co-writer of evening financial news show for Myron Kandel, Dan Dorffman. Participated in other aspects of bureau operations as segment producer, standby reporter, assignment editor, and Chyron operator.


New York

1010 WINS News anchor on America's #1 all-news station. Wrote, produced and on-air talent on two, four-hour air shifts.

WABC Anchor/reporter on nineteen newscasts daily. Street reporter covering of all major breaking stories throughout New York City.

WOR Street reporter on this major New York talk outlet.

WNBC On-air talent for regimen of local newscasts; on Soupy Sales & Joey Reynolds shows.

WPIX-FM Tribune Broadcasting Co-hosted morning show; broadcast eight daily newcasts. Set news policy, designed, wrote and produced weekly public affairs programming, Week In Review.

WCBS Wrote, produced and on-air talent on four-hour News Radio 88 news shift. Produced special reports, wraps in addition to air shift.

WCBS-FM Wrote, produced, and on-air talent for daily personality news broadcasts on this #1 Oldies station in addition to intensive public affairs programming.

Los Angeles

KPOL, KZLA , Capital Cities Anchored newscasts, produced segments/wraps. Covered beat, reporting on breaking stories emanating from greater LA.


WERE Interim Sports Director. Broadcast hourly sports show on this all-news station.

WWWE Cleveland Covered beat, reported on major stories emanating from Cleveland. Political and celebrity interviews.


Metro Networks New York News anchor/writer. Launched Metro Network's MetroSource, fledgling national radio network available to 1,200 radio stations nationwide.

UPI Radio Network New York Wrote/broadcast daily, reports on stories emanating from New York City. Engineered satellite feed of stories for international broadcast.

NBC Radio Networks New York Wrote and produced segments for NBC, Mutual and Source networks' internal satellite feed. Also, as assistant to editors and producers, researched and co-produced stories, acted as assignment editor, general assistant in newsroom.

Morrie Trumble's Ski Reporting Network New York Wrote, produced and broadcast segments for 1,000 television stations and cable networks nationwide including The Weather Channel, UPI Radio network, and others.


WICV FM Chicago, Illinois

WGCL FM Cleveland, Ohio

WRNO FM New Orleans, Lousiana

WQDR FM Raleigh, North Carolina


WICV FM Chicago, General Cinema Corporation, Chicago In addition to performing morning drive news shifts in Chicago and Cleveland, worked with Program Director Lee Abrams on news research projects and authored articles: On 12 to 34 News Targeting and The 1974 News Director's Manual. Lectured at schools nationwide on subject of Audience Research in Radio News. Responsible for hiring and training News Department staff.

WGCL FM, General Cinema Corporation, Cleveland. Designed radio news concepts, formats and public affairs programming. Performed People News news show on morning air shift. Station was #1 within one month.

WMET Chicago, Metromedia Co-hosted morning show. Administrated news department, designed news format, created public affairs programming. Also, conducted market research on news.

KIMN Denver, Pacific & Southern People News delivery & writing styles during during afternoon drive show were largely responsible for ratings jump from 18 to 24 share! Responsible for helping initiate revolutionary People News format with News Director J. Paul Emerson.

Co-produced segments for weekly 2 1/2 hour public affairs program by performing various stunts:

  • Parachuted out of airplane ,
  • Drove GTC 355 Ferrari sedan
  • Flew in P51 Mustang
  • Participated in Fire Department rescues; other live, action reporting.

Extensive Super News Dudes promotion exclusively for News Department included newspaper advertising and original Super News Dudes busboards. Number 1 station overall, won National NAB Station of the Year award during tenure.


In News...
KMET Los Angeles, Metromedia Anchored local newscasts. Wrote and broadcast "color" news segments and drop-ins. Station was the nation's #1 per capita facility during this period.

WLAC Nashville, Billboard Morning news personality. Also, wrote, produced and hosted a weekly public affairs show featuring national celebrities. Made public appearances. Morning ratings went from 11 to 13 ARB share during tenure. Station was #1, overall.

As Disk Jocky...

Y-107 New York, Big City Radio Air personality on this #1 metro New York Country radio station.

WKHK-FM New York, Viacom Morning Drive air personality. Also did evening radio shows, personal appearances, live celebrity interviews , production. This was America's #1 Country station.

WGCL-FM Cleveland, General Cinema Fill-in air personality (as news director) at this #1 AOR station.

KVWO-FM Cheyenne, Wyoming Production manager and air personality (as Program Director/Production Manager) at this #1 Country station which won 3 consecutive Station of the Year Awards in a row for programming excellence.

KRAE Cheyenne, Wyoming Air personality at this #1 oldies station. Playing hits from the 50s, 60s, and 70s this station is one of the premier oldies stations in the West.



KVWO AM-FM Cheyenne Helped organize music research (with consultant Larry Cobb). Performed Contemporary Country music daily air shift, celebrity interviews, staffing, news reporting/gathering, also sales, copywriting, and production. Twenty-four hour country station was automated with Bill Molek's revolutionary SonoMag, ferrite-core digital processing system. Also, the commercial voice of Cheyenne Frontier Days nationwide. Station was #1.

• Writer/Host: Kicker Kountry video countdown pilot from the Ed Sullivan Theatre for TNN; Music, You're My Mother starring Barbi Benton, Earl Scruggs, Pure Prairie League, Joe Cocker and Rufus; Cross Country country music countdown radio show for the CBS Radio Network

• Three consecutive Station of the Year awards for Programming Excellence KVWO, Cheyenne, Wyoming

• Author of The News Director's Manual for Lee Abrams

• National columnist, "News News" for Bob Hamilton's Radio Magazine

• Guest Lecturer at Northwestern University, Weber State College and other schools' Television, Radio & Film Classes on psychographic radio news research.

• Co-starred in motion picture, The Gospel According to Most People, Ken Anderson Films, Inc.

• Starred in motion picture, Food for the Sun, directed by David Capurso. (clip)

• Cameo in, The King Returns, produced by David Capurso. (clip)

• Acted in numerous television and radio commercials nationwide

• Featured in Time, People, Us and virtually all press world-wide for cutting up, selling and trademarking the original HOLLYWOOD Sign.


1978—University of Wyoming. Sociology, Political Science – Laramie
1981—American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Acting, Singing, Dance – New York
1988—Weist-Barron School of Television Acting. Voiceover Technique – New York
1989—Independent Research/Study Projects on W.F. Cody, Eugene O'Neill – Yale University

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