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Becky Orr wrote this story before I discovered she was a dear old friend of my fiance back in Colorado!

When Hank Berger and I sold the Hollywood Sign with his wife Shelley back in 1979 we had no idea that the project would become legend--ok, maybe Hank did, but I sure didn't!! What a summer that was...Perched high in the Hollywood Hills, cutting up the original Hollywood Sign...walking in to the supermarkets and seeing all the press we broke!

Gene Autry was one of the originators of the replacement of the H'Wood Sign. And we got his full support every single step of the way, his along with Hugh Hefner's, Alice Cooper's The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. It was so positive...and as I said, the results of that promotion have lasted until this day. Five hundred million advertising impressions...all for $1.98. I'd do it again...well, I did do it again! Read on:

Who was the president then?

I love Variety Magazine. It was not the first article I had placed in there, it wasn't to be the last. I just got tired of scanning all these documents!

I have a harder time on their crosswords than I did placing this story.

Habla Espanol?

Spreckens sie deutsch?

Jean Firstenberg said she didn't know what happened to her piece of the Hollywood Sign. I sure would like to find it now!

I love LA!

Nothing like walking into Ralph's and seeing Mrs. Miller reading US Magazine with your picture in it.

I was the first person in history to attain a United States Trademark on the Hollywood Sign. I got the idea as a result of the amazing response Hank and I got. I pulled the whole thing off again with that trademark. It is a truly, exquisitly magical manifestation of all that is Hollywood!

This clipping was sent to me by my Uncle Jim Mitchel in Mount Prospect, Illinois. That's his arrow. I was blown away by what I had started!

This isn't press. Its just cool. Dirctor David Capurso's first 35mm film. It was a masterpiece and got me feet first into the film.

From the Culebra shoot: Adriano Gonzalez with his back to us, Jerry Segarra, and me on the right.

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